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March 3-4  |  Pinemark Hotel  |  St.Clair

We need hope! Join us for a 2 day women's conference as we GATHER TOGETHER, GET EQUIPPED, AND DISCOVER THE NEXT STEP IN our CALLING: to go and make disciples.


For the IF gathering we will be live-streaming the conference throughout the weekend. We come together for dinner then session one on friday night, then we will spend the night together at the hotel. Saturday morning we will have breakfast and start our next sessions, have lunch and our final session before leaving Saturday afternoon. These sessions are packed with information about Jesus and about how we are called to live and serve him, all from great speakers.


We do require that those who want to join us stay the entirety of the conference, because we truly believe that when you make an intentional effort to pause everything else and devote your time to Jesus, he honors that and we don't want you to miss that!


The cost for the event is $70, This covers our tickets for the event, your hotel room, dinner Friday, (breakfast from Pinemark), and lunch on Saturday! If this is a problem for you please talk with Jade.

The cost above is to share a room (2 double beds) with 3 other ladies. If you'd like to have your own bed (+ $29) or your own room (+ $87) Please make the selections below.

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